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Vessels #1

Issue #1
(4 ratings)


Go beyond the Veil...

The realm of Cairnthala is dying and all that was once green has turned to ash. A demonic entity known as the Eye-God has reduced entire kingdoms to rubble, blood sacrifices fail to repel the creature and the people have given up hope.

Amid the chaos a legendary warrior named Wake emerges. She and the Eye share a unique bond that must be broken for the world to survive, but times are desperate and the laws of reality and reason are breaking down as ethereal entropy begins.

Wake embarks on a pilgrimage to slay the Eye with a band of skilled heroes by her side, but the Vessels have awoken, and they will stop at nothing to protect their ancient lord.

Only the mysterious realm of dreams - the Veil - holds the key to Cairnthala's salvation.