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The Accelerators Vol. 4: The Accelerators Vol. 4: Forwards and Backwards

The Accelerators
Vol. 4: The Accelerators Vol. 4: Forwards and Backwards
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What if the time machines could only go forward, never backward?
What if each new future was worse than the last one?
What if the only escape was to leap forward again?
Welcome to the The Accelerators, a nonstop sci-fi adventure about a group of ragtag time travelers lost in the future, searching for a way home.
At the center of the story is Spatz, a teenage time refugee who thinks he's been caught up in this time turmoil by accident. Little by little, future by future, Spatz realizes that in fact he is the source of it all this chaos, and maybe also the salvation.
Stranded in the future and separated from his friends, the time-traveling Spatz leaps forward all the way to the end of the universe, where he discovers a surreal gathering of...himself! Hundreds of time-travelers, all of them older versions of Spatz, returning to the same spot each year to meet with their past and future selves. Can one of them show Spatz how to get back to where he started?

As Spatz contends with his past and future selves, the rest of our heroes explore the 88th Century in search of a way home. In this distant future, the world is a frozen wasteland, and the last remnants of humanity have mutated into giant, time-jumping worm monsters. These horrific creatures are living, breathing time machines...and they're hungry.
Created and written by screenwriter R.F.I. Porto (Yellow Birds), pencils/inks by Gavin Smith (Dead Legends) and colors by Anwar Hanano (Archie Comics), this volume collects issues #16-20 of the acclaimed sci-fi series THE ACCELERATORS, from Blue Juice Comics.