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Heavy Metal #279

Heavy Metal #279

Heavy Metal
Issue #279
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"Heavy Metal Magazine #279, the February ""Death Theme"" issue has all new tales from writers and artists from all over the world. Ryan Ferrier and Hugo Petrus bring us "Children of Russia" where a dying man has some dire confessions to tell to a priest, who tries to tell him that all will be well in the after life, but this priest knows not what lurks inside this dying man. Then we travel to a futuristic world of robots where two mechanical friends get caught up in a dirty deal, by Diego Agrimbau and Juan Manual Tumburus. Steve Mannion's Fearless Dawn returns in a twisted dream-like tale entitled "Morf". Pepe Moreno's subway vigilante "Gene Kong" (Part 2 of 2), returns to finish off what he started and deal a death blow to NYC's depraved underbelly. "Masters of Emptiness" takes us to a dystopian slave city where workbots are forced to work to the death on and travelling Pangea type island, by Heavy Metal veteran Zeljko Pahek. In "The Antidote", we are thrown into a post-chemical holocaust where a trio of shell-shocked tank operators are on a desperate search for a disease that is quickly killing them, by Frank Forte and Jethro Morales. "Die and Let Live" drops us directly into the zombie apocalypse where a small family is just trying to survive, by Aragon and Delpeche. Also features part 6 of Enki Bilal's Julia & Roem and part 7 of The 49th Key by Erika Lewis and J.K. Woodard. Artist gallery features pop surrealist Mike Mitchell.