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Captain Flynt #1

Captain Flynt #1

Captain Flynt
Issue #1
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Captain Flynt & the Corsairs of the Seven Systems
In the Mediterranean Sea, Aaron Flynt is feeling a little low. He has sailed half way around the world on his yacht, The One and Only II to lay the ashes of one of his World War II buddies to rest. With that task complete, he's not sure what do next. He could go back to acting, but all the movies coming out of Hollywood are Westerns, and Flynt doesn't like horses.

Strange lights in the sky make the point moot, and Flynt is brought into a universe of strange aliens and is thrown into a galactic struggle between the imperial Irzaka and mysterious council of the Seven Systems, who have outlawed humans!

Captain Flynt and the Corsairs of the Seven Systems is a 52-page stand-alone adventure that brings Aaron Flynt into the interstellar community, and introduces readers to Flynt and his crew of misfit aliens as they try to escape the fleet of Irzaka pursuing them.