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Blitz #1

Blitz #1

Issue #1
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The Vanishing Tower: Part One
Who Blitz Is, and How She Came To Be!
Amy Mason is an ordinary 19-year-old college student who accidentally stumbled on a time-dilation device. The device accelerated Amy, giving her super-speed. Impulsive and reckless, but still driven to do good and protect Centennial City, Amy became the ultraheroine named Blitz!
Roland Travis used to be an ultravillain-he was a gentleman thief stealing priceless valuables and breaking hearts along the way. That changed when he stole the wrong gemstone from a secret society of mystics. Stricken by a curse that forces him on the straight and narrow, Roland now calls himself Night Spider! He seeks to atone for a lifetime of misdeeds, haunted by the mistakes of his past that he can never truly escape.
Their partnership is unusual-she needs him to teach her the ropes, while he needs her to stay on the heroic path. Neither of them truly knows how to be a hero. But in an age without heroic champions, Blitz and Night Spider are only hope Centennial City has.

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Page Count
40 Pages
Digital Release Date
9 June 2021
Age Rating
All Ages
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