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Adventure Finders

Adventure Finders

Adventure Finders


She wants so much more than what her small town has to offer!
This is the dream of starry eyed fishmonger Clariette de Artegnean. She and her cousins Jolfe Endarion and Deren Mumbasi have always dreamt about being adventurers and fighting monsters to save the kingdom.
But first, Clari has to survive another day at school where a new teacher has taken over! And he's not pleased with Clari's endless questioning.
Two things happen that send them on the road to adventure.
One was the arrival of a new girl --young Sister Ariarra Popplevensie of the Moon Goddess order. A healer and spirit caller, Clari immediately sees how useful she can be in her future adventure group.
The second event is the arrival of the adventuring group the Warriors of Dawn!
The young cousins along with their new friend Ariarra, the spirit caller, sign up to be hirelings to the Warriors of Dawn.
They make plans to go on the road --but will Clari's strict parents put a stop to her plans?